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Vitt lammskinn med vackra silkeslockar

With a focus on breeding work for the finest locks & shine.

Lambskin from our organic farm

 Lambskin, a natural product 

The Gotlandic lambskin is unique in the world. For many generations, the Gotlander has worked with breeding to produce this unique lambskin. Nowhere does one find such shine, curl and quality. We proudly present these lambskins from our farm Ansarve farm.


Our Gotlandic lambskins of high quality have fixed clear curls with high gloss and a feeling of silkiness. The color of the peltry is available in many different shades of gray, preferably working its way towards the blue silvery tone. When looking at the skin one should get a sense of an inner luster and shine.

The size of the shape and the

qualities of a lambskin we explain, determine the price.


On the farm we also have leicester sheep. These are white, also with soft and glossy peltry.


The lambskins are washable in 30 °. Keep in mind that the skins do not need to be washed if they really do not need it. Freshen up the skin by shaking it well outside or hang cold any night during the winter.


We have multiple skins. If there is something special you are looking for do not hesitate to email or call us and we will help you.



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