Ansarve farm is a small sheepfarm on Gotland in Stenkumla, Ansarve. It is located south of Visby. 

Here It lives about 150 gotlandic sheep and leicester sheep. 

On our ecological certified farm we are mostly women working. We make our products by hand in our studio. We take care of our lambs and deliver our sheep to Gotland abattoir.


During the summer the sheep is freely grazing on bigger areas such as Furillen, Bungenäs and in yngne.


Our active breeding work has given an incredibly beautiful and qualitative result. It is not just the breeding work that has to be constantly developed, but much work is also required with the lamb, they need a lot of love and care. 


If the lamb is feeling well, are happy and has a healthy life, you see results in the skins.


You look at the curl of the lambskin, the shine and how soft the curl is. Beautiful and soft almost like silk.


Each leather becomes like its own artwork. All products sewn with lambskin are completely unique, sustaniable and beautiful. Buying a product made of lambskin or any of our wool products is to contribute to Sweden's open landscape and well-being.


Phone: +46 702804847

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