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KRAV-certified farm

lamb care, shop and production- the whole chain in one.

About Ansarve farm

Ansarve farm is a small farm on Gotland located just south of Visby. The farm is mostly run by women and we manufacture handcrafts and deliver lambs to Gotland's slaughterhouse. 

The farm is KRAV-certified this shows that a product is organically produced and contributes to biological diversity, reduced climate impact, good animal welfare, protection of the environment and health, and better working conditions.


In the summer, the sheep grazes freely on various natural pastures. Ansarve farm's natural pastures are found at Furillen, Bungenäs and in Yngne.


Lamb is a delicacy beyond the ordinary, especially natural pasture meat, the lambs are natural gormeér and eat the very best and only what they like. Natural pasture meat is among the healthiest you can eat - full of various omega acids that are incredibly beneficial.

Our active breeding work has given an beautiful qualitative result. It is not only the breeding work that must be constantly developed, but it also requires a lot of work with the lambs, they need a lot of love and care. If the lambs are well and have a healthy life, you see results in the skins.


You look at the lid, shine and how soft the skin is. Beautiful and soft curls almost like silk. Each skin becomes like a separate work of art. All products sewn from lambskin are completely unique, durable and beautiful.


To buy a product that is made of lambskin or one of our wool products is to contribute to Sweden's open landscape and prosperous animals.

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